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As indexed by the WBFSH/FEI and the Top 100 Show Jumping Sire Rankings, our bloodlines contain some of the best producing jumping sires in the world. Among them you will find Voltaire, Heartbreaker, Concorde, Clinton, Escudo I, Lupicor, Numero Uno, Indoctro and Contender, to name a few.  "When crossed to a top quality mare, any one of these stallions can be expected to produce offspring with the potential to compete at  a top level. We stand apart from other breeding operations for producing horses that have not just one, or two, but several of these "modern type" jumping stallions in their pedigrees. We are firm believers, that "highly successful horses are seldom a random product!"



Nouvelle Ecosse

(Numero Uno/Lupicor/Escudo I)




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2013 BWP NA Tour


















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Old Bull Farms has been busy developing their own young stallions as performance and breeding animals. In the past, obtaining semen in North America to produce foals with the best and most desirable jumping pedigrees in the world was only possible through frozen semen. Today, thanks to North American breeding programs producing stallions with these same bloodlines, coupled with the importation of many performance horses from Europe, North American breeders now have access to fresh from a wide selection of top quality stallions conveniently standing right here in North America. There is no question that the use of fresh semen correlates with better conception rates, less expense and better guarantees.  Old Bull Farms, is offering three stallions for breeding in 2014. Iceburg, an approved BWP stallion by Escudo I, has been a consistent producer of truly exceptional foals, among them numerous BWP futurity winners & top scoring foals. Iceburg crosses well with many types of mares and is an excellent option for those looking to produce a conformation hunter.  Klinton (Clinton/Heartbreaker) also received BWP Stallion Approval in 2013. One of his first offspring, Naamloos Fleurtje, received one of the top scores awarded to a filly during the 2013 BWP NA Keuring Tour. Klinton was selected by Spy Coast Farm to participate in their Young Horse Jumper Development Program in Lexington, Kentucky, where he is currently in training. In 2014, we are excited to add Marcus (Indoctro/Clinton/Heartbreaker) to our OBF stallion line-up. Marcus's sire and two grandsires are all WBFSH/FEI ranked in the top 13 jumping sires in the world.


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Iceburg (Escudo I - Viva Voltaire - Ramiro Z)




Klinton (Clinton - Heartbreaker- Viva Voltaire)




Marcus (Indoctro - Clinton - Heartbreaker)



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